"Fine Tune and Add Confidence to Your Game" By Cara Kelly

We love our staff shooters at LCA and we want to help them get the recognition they deserve. Once you check out Cara's article, be sure you visit her personal FB page and give her a like. As a thank you for her sharing some of her knowledge with you about the 3D game!

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EZ Green Press

Designed with the individual consumer in mind, the EZ Green is built and designed for pressing most compound bows on the market today. The EZ Green uses a hand crank to move the press arm in and out with ease; and also comes with our standard height legs that will mount directly to your bench top. The EZ Green press also uses our patented finger system allowing you to press compound bows exactly as if they’re being drawn back, not applying any extra pressure to your limbs, and also not applying any torque to your riser. It covers a wide range of axle to axle lengths for the most pressing accommodations (will press anything from 25” to 48” axle to axle length). This is the perfect bow press, for your home or shop, to be used for any and every tuning need.

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LCA Draw Board

The All-New LCA Draw Board is the perfect tool, adaptable to all our bow presses, for tuning your bow to perfection. Check your timing, draw length, cam lean and set your rest with more precision than ever while also having the ability to mount it directly to your work bench or table.

There are 2 different versions. 

Standard version attaches to: 

EZ Green, EZ Press and EZ Press Deluxe. Power Green, Power Press and Power Press Deluxe. 

Ultimate version attaches to:

Ultimate EZ Press, Ultimate Deluxe Press and EZ Crossbow Press. 

Each Draw Board bracket will be equipped with space filler to ensure perfect fit inside each and every bow press arm.

***Will already be included and attached***

If your press is older than 2009, contact LCA before purchase! 

Mounting Option:
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