"Arrow Clocking" By Donnie Thacker

We love our staff shooters at LCA and we want to help them get the recognition they deserve. Once you check out Donnie Thackers article, be sure you visit his personal FB page and give him a like. Just as a thank you for him sharing some of his knowledge with you about the 3D game!

Vane Master Pro

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The all-new Vane Master Pro is an innovative tool made to give you perfection in your fletching arrow to arrow. Designed to accommodate every arrow size with little to no adjustment. Fletch your arrows at a 0-5 degree helical, left or right, with the ability to hold vanes up to 4" in length. This jig has the ability to fletch 3 or 4 fletch configurations (4 fletch knob sold separately) while using Vane Flat Technology. This technology uses two wires that hold the vane, giving the clamp the ability to perfectly contour around the shaft, for perfect vane adhesion every time. The VMP is the perfect tool for your home or shop!

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LCA Draw Board

The All-New LCA Draw Board is the perfect tool for tuning your bow to perfection. Check your timing, draw length, cam lean and set your rest with more precision than ever while also having the ability to mount it directly to your work bench or table.

There are 2 different versions. 

Standard version attaches to: 

EZ Green, EZ Press and EZ Press Deluxe. Power Green, Power Press and Power Press Deluxe. 

Ultimate version attaches to:

Ultimate EZ Press, Ultimate Deluxe Press

Each Draw Board bracket will be equipped with space filler to ensure perfect fit inside each and every bow press arm. This space filler will already be installed and ready to go when you receive your Draw Board.

If your press is older than 2009, contact LCA before purchase!