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Last Chance Archery, LLC | Press Buying/Info Guide

     When purchasing your first, or 50th, bow press. It never hurts to know some of the different stats that each press has before making your final decision. Below is a chart (Press Purchasing Guide) that lists everything from a presses simplicity, if a press is chosen more by consumers, if a press is chosen more by dealers and even if the presses are made to accommodate compounds and/or crossbows. If you're a consumer, you're more than likely going to be more interested in the consumer marked products. If you're a dealer, you're probably going to be more interested in the Dealer marked products. Any product that has "POWER" in its name is a motor driven press. Any press listed without power in their names are all manual presses. Manual presses are ran by either a hand wheel or hand crank depending upon the manual model you're interested in.

Last Chance Archery's Finger System

     The entire LCA bow press line uses our patented finger system. A finger system that allows you to press any compound bow, exactly as if it's being drawn back. Which means while your bow's being pressed, they'll be no extra pressure or strain on your limbs or on your riser. It will only apply pressure, identical to the natural pressure, that comes from drawing the bow back from shot to shot. With that, you can also find detailed instructions on how to use the other functions of our presses, in their different assortments, by clicking the link above and viewing our instructional booklet. 

     Since all of our presses are using the exact same, patented, finger system. We're proud to say that all of our presses will press the exact same assortment of bows. Outside of that assortment, there are a few choice bows that require certain adapters to accommodate pressing them safely!

Compound Bows that Require Adapters for Pressing in LCA Bow Presses

#1. 2016 Hoyt's, equipped with the UltraFlex™ limb system, require the use of our Ultra Lock Adapter for pressing safely.          #2. 2010 Bear Attack and Carnage bows both require the use of our standard limb adapters for pressing safely. You can also use our standard limb adapters on PSE bows, but it's not a requirement.

Last Chance Archery Draw Stop Finger

     The LCA Draw Stop finger is a great tool, that comes with every bow press sold, for pressing your bows without removing the draw stop. When removing the draw stop off of any bow, you'll always risk reinstalling it in the wrong position. So by using the draw stop finger, in place of our standard finger on the side of your bow where the draw stop is located, you can safely press your bow while keeping the draw stop in place. If you have a bow with dual stops, you can easily purchase an extra draw stop finger from our website for $25.00. Giving you the ability to press the dual stop bows with ease!

     We hope this short list of info helps you in your next, bow press, purchasing decision. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via our website contact form. We check incoming forms daily during business hours!