Draw Board Upgrade Kit

Draw Board edited #1 .jpg
Draw Board edited #1 .jpg

Draw Board Upgrade Kit


NOTE: All Draw Boards sold after January 10th, 2017 will be equipped with this upgrade when shipped.

The Draw Board Upgrade installs a new internal clutch system onto your current Draw Board. The new system removes the original cord release lever and allows you to let go of your handle at any point in the draw cycle. Anyone who has the original Draw Board can purchase the new upgrade and have our staff install the parts for the conversion. Note, you will be required to ship your draw board back to LCA to have the upgrade installed by one of our techs.

Upgrade Includes:

#1. Swapping out your old Draw Board cord

#2. Swapping out your pulley

#3. Installing the new clutch system

#4. Repairing any other possible issues we might find

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