Sherry Hott

If you have not tried a last Chance bow press, a Vane Master Pro or one of the other wonderful products that this company makes you're making your archery life harder than it has to be. My EZ Deluxe Press is a life saver when it comes to convenience and ease of use when I need to make a change to my bow. The Vane Master Pro makes fletching arrows a piece of cake for even those of us that are challenged by the arrow fletching chore.

Thank You Last Chance for allowing me to be a part of the shooting family.

Scott Price

Let me start by saying these group of professionals are awesome down to earth people, their products are amazing and they work with simplicity. The EZ press has the perfect name, EZ, because it is truly the easiest and the best bow press on the market bar none . Before owning this press I owned an X-Press and I can tell you there is no comparison. The EZ press is so simple to use and doesn't stress your bow like almost all other presses do. This is a must press for any level archer! With the other attachments they offer for this press it makes it even more valuable to the archer . If you fletch your own arrows you need to check out the new Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro fletching jig. This jig is truly amazing! It is now the only jig that kaitlyn and myself use to fletch our arrows. Same as the EZ press, it is simple and it works! The versatility of this jig I can’t put into words, you'll just have to check it out for yourself to appreciate it. So please, go to their web site or stop by the LCA trailer and check their products out. You won’t be sorry that you did!

Kaitlyn Price

In the past I have always been uneasy while using a bow press, due to the fact that there are numerous things that could go wrong and cause harm to equipment if the operator is not careful. However, with the ez press all of those hesitations go out the window. This top-notch piece of equipment is not only, just as the name states, EASY to use, but safe. In addition, it also puts less stress on you bow while one is working on it.