Justin Bethal

"My last chance archery power press make my life easy! Whether I need to put a peep in or replace a string all I do is push a button, and I don't have to set it up for a specific bow. I can have my Mathews chill x in the press and go directly back in it with my apex 7! 
Another product that I love from last chance archery is their Ez vice. I used to have to hold the bow in my lap or in my hand when I set up rests or sights. Now all I do is put the bow in the vice and put it in any position I like and lock it down! It's so much easier to be able to use both hands without worry about dropping my bow. It allows me the precision I demand from my equipment and it allows me to spend more time shooting! 
Every product that I have used from lca has been very helpful and simple to use! When I want precision products that simply work I trust last chance archery!"