Shawnn Vincent

This year I have teamed up with Last Chance Archery. After seeing their products last year at various competitions and being able to play with them, I had to get my own and give them a try. I started off with the the EZ Press Deluxe and man has it made my life easier. I have it setup so it’s mobile, whether at the house or at the range I can use the press for the big changes such as strings and cams or the small changes such as the Peep and D-Loop. No more trips to the bow shop for a press, this press is easy to use and I am glad to have it in helping me to be the best archer I can.

Just a short time ago I received my Vane Master Pro and I tell you what, it has made Fletching arrows quick and simple. No matter how you want to fletch; straight, a little Helical or whatever your set yours at, you have it all in one jig. I used to have to pull knobs and adjust screws now its pull a pin and set it in place and boom, it is done.

In the 10 years I have been shooting archery I have played with a few things here and there or had the bow shop do my work, now I can be at home spending time with my family. Mad props to the LCA Crew for their work and the products they put out to us archer’s. I am proud to represent such a great company with great people, Thank you Last Chance Archery.