Paige Pearce

I use the Easy Green Press to work on all of my target and hunting equipment.  It is quick, easy to use and saves me a ton of time when I am fine tuning my bows.  I use this press at work as well, and the unique design and outstanding quality allows me to work on any bow on the market without fear of damaging the limbs or riser.  Once you try a press from Last Chance Archery, you will never own any other brand!

Chance Beaubouef


I've been fortunate enough to know everyone at Last Chance for many years. The pride they take in the products that they make is beyond comparison and it shows in the quality of their products. Every product that they make, makes my life easier as a professional archer. From fletching arrows, to checking my timing on the draw board to making small adjustments with the press. I can't thank everyone at Last Chance enough for making such amazing products.

Andy Callaway

Just wanted to start out and say what great customer service. To place an order and have it at my back door step within 3 days is unbelievable. After playing with the ez green press for for little while. It is the easiest press I have ever used. If I just want to make a quick adjustment with my string or cables, I don't have to take any of my accessories off my bow to use the press. Best of all there is no riser contact at all.

Shawnn Vincent

This year I have teamed up with Last Chance Archery. After seeing their products last year at various competitions and being able to play with them, I had to get my own and give them a try. I started off with the the EZ Press Deluxe and man has it made my life easier. I have it setup so it’s mobile, whether at the house or at the range I can use the press for the big changes such as strings and cams or the small changes such as the Peep and D-Loop. No more trips to the bow shop for a press, this press is easy to use and I am glad to have it in helping me to be the best archer I can.

Just a short time ago I received my Vane Master Pro and I tell you what, it has made Fletching arrows quick and simple. No matter how you want to fletch; straight, a little Helical or whatever your set yours at, you have it all in one jig. I used to have to pull knobs and adjust screws now its pull a pin and set it in place and boom, it is done.

In the 10 years I have been shooting archery I have played with a few things here and there or had the bow shop do my work, now I can be at home spending time with my family. Mad props to the LCA Crew for their work and the products they put out to us archer’s. I am proud to represent such a great company with great people, Thank you Last Chance Archery.