Thing A Week #13. "Draw, Peep Alignment and bow length"

Watch as George Ryals explains and describes how longer draw shooters can shoot a shorter Axle to Axle bow. Also, how shooters can line their peep up with the target instead of the false notion that you line your peep up with your scope!!! Check it out and comment your questions!

Thing A week #14. "Setting Your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Axis"

Thing A Week #14 with GRIV is packed and loaded with some great info on "3rd Axis Leveling". Join George and learn how to set your 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis with ease using some great tools from Last Chance Archery...

Thing A Week #15. "Using Your Axcel Sight Correctly"

Thing A Week #15 How many of you have never known how to actually use the marks that come on every Axcel Sight sold? Inside TAW #15 GRIV goes into detail on how to use your Axcel sight with precision. Rendering more accuracy, resulting in more wins! Check it out...

Thing A Week #12. "Custom, Sugru, Grip for Your Bow"

Ok Everyone!!! So sorry for the delay. Had some network issues getting the video loaded to youtube. It has a mind of it's on at times. Check out Thing A Week #12 Where George Ryals IV teaches you how to make the Sugru grip. This is actually part 2 of "grip pressure and grip placement"....

Thing A Week #11. "Grip Placement Importance in Your Bow"

Watch as George Ryals demonstrates the importance of grip placement and pressure in your shot execution. Thing A Week #11 is a wrap! Check it out...

Thing A Week #10. "Precise and Accurate Fletching"

Check out the Vane Master Pro from LCA!!!

Thing A Week #7

Watch as they both demonstrate how do eliminate strange left and right shots by keeping a consistent face pressure at all times. Eliminating all of those football shaped groups that you can't seem to tighten up!!!

Thing A Week #8

Here it is.... TAW #8 - Eliminating low hanging shots and shoulder alignment at full draw. Watch as George Ryals IV and Will Raper show you step by step how to accomplish this without changing anything to your bow setup!!!

Thing A Week #9 or 8 part 2

THING A WEEK #8 Part 2.

Thing A Week #6 "Paper Tuning Tips and Techniques"

Watch as George Ryals IV gives a detailed tip on how to paper tune your bow without moving your rest.

Thing A Week #5 "Release Aid and Shot Blooper" 

Blooper!!!!! ENJOY>-->

Thing A Week #4 "Release Aids and Shot Execution"

Learn some small techniques that will help you use your back tension release more effectively!

Thing A Week #1. "GRIV'S Torque Less D-Loop"

Check out George Ryals IV's torque less d-loop

Thing A Week #2. "Fred Flati crossbow tech tip"

Watch as Fred Flati uses the Ultimate EZ at the Kinsey's show 2014 while also giving a great tech tip for all you crossbow shooters out there... Sorry for the background noise. My wireless mic was out of commission this weekend!

Thing A Week #3. "Narrowing Blades"

Watch as GRIV demonstrates how to narrow a wide blade down using your arrow saw!!!